Web Projects & Branding

We Have Provided Nonprofit Web Projects & Branding To Various Organizations

Free From Hardship LA

TECH Gap Inc.


Youth Waves Beyond Watts

BNew Cares Inc.


Paving The Road To Success

Engage The Vision

Our Clients

We Have Provided Nonprofit Consulting To Various Organizations

We love our clients and our clients love us! There is nothing we enjoy more than helping our clients and their mission thrive. We fight their battles and help empower, unite and develop their nonprofit mission.

Seven Pounds Nonprofit

Amber Elizabeth, founder of Seven Pounds Nonprofit is really for the cause and the community. She has established a nonprofit that gives back to the City of Inglewood by providing residents with access to quality food and resources surrounding your health!

The South Community Foundation

On a mission to fight racial, social, economic, and food inequity through coffee, community, and connection. We are committed to creating equal access to fresh and healthy options for our South LA community that can be found in other neighborhoods, but with pricing that is affordable.

Hope Tree Village

At Hope Tree Village, we believe that caregivers deserve support, understanding, and care. Our mission is to provide array of wellness programs, as well as a safe and welcoming space where caregivers can find the resources, guidance, and community they need to thrive.

Noah’s Foundation INC.

N.O.A.H’s Foundation Inc. is an organized movement advocating for the social and economic disparities of families and individuals experiencing poverty and homelessness.

Connecting Flights Foundation

Connecting Flights Foundation connects youth and families to communities and cultures around the world through transformative travel experiences.

Future Wealthy Minorities

A platform provides high school students from underrepresented communities with access to resources, mentorship, and support, regardless of their background or previous educational experiences.

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