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Welcome to our testimonials & reviews section for clients of The Nonprofit Plug! We appreciate your support and are excited to hear your feedback about your experience with our organization. We believe that reviews from our clients are essential for our growth and success, and we would be honored if you took the time to write a review for us on Google.

What people says about us

There was a time that my husband and me would talk about the people we wanted to help and impact the families in our community. We talked for a long time and then finally decided to do something about our dream.

We tried to look into what’s needed for a nonprofit and it was like a foreign language that we had to be instantly submerged in without a teacher. I was starting to accept that this isn’t going to happen, but my husband kept reminding me that our hearts are in the right place, don’t give up. It’ll happen when it’s supposed to.

A few days later my husband said someone told him about a woman who goes by the “nonprofit plug” and I smiled and thought that was a clever title. I then met Sharon and when I tell you I was able to breathe again, my lungs were clear. She guided us throughout every step of the way. She was patient, kind and answered all my hundred questions. She got us up to date with all paperwork needed and even gave the tools and to fundraise help needed to get a woman in treatment and she’s still sober today.
We met the other members of her team and they’re just as amazing.

As a woman, it was a beautiful empowering experience to see such a strong,smart, woman have this put this platform together and literally help save and change lives. If she doesn’t have the answers for you which is rare but she has a community of colleagues that can help.
She came into our lives at just the right time and I can’t say this enough times, call her , call , email , message her NOW! my reviews aren’t usually this long but I wanted to make sure the ones that are wondering if they should call.. yes CALL now. 🙂 The Action Project is still thriving and up to date with all the necessary documentation to stay in line with the state and we’re able to help the community we talked about all those years ago.

Jenny Escamilla

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Sharon and The Non-Profit Plug for their exceptional services in reinstating our non-profit organization efficiently and swiftly.
Their professionalism, knowledge, and kindness made the entire process seamless.

The Non-Profit Plug’s efficiency ensured a prompt reinstatement by handling the necessary steps with thoroughness and speed. Their cost-effective services relieved us of financial strain, allowing us to focus on our mission.

Throughout this process, The Non-Profit Plug demonstrated expertise along with genuine kindness and approachability. They patiently addressed our questions and concerns, guiding us through the complexities of non-profit regulations.

Thanks to Dr. Sharon and The Non-Profit Plug’s efforts, our organization was reinstated quickly. I highly recommend their efficient, cost-effective, and compassionate services to any organization in need of reinstatement or similar assistance. We are deeply grateful for their invaluable support.

Doreene Hamilton

OMG, there’s so much I can say about MY nonprofit plug! I affectionately call her Dr. Boo because Im just that comfortable going to her with any concerns and questions.

From day one, she told me I could call on her (day or night) and she’d be at my disposal and she wasn’t lyin!

Although there’s many miles between us, I always feel heard and taken care of with her in my corner. She’s also educated and connected me with some amazing people.

Did I mention…she knows her stuff?!?! I wouldn’t trust anyone else to handle my nonprofit endeavors!

Elefant is the GOAT!

Chi Anderson

The Non Profit Plug is NEXT LEVEL! I’ve worked with several Non Profit consultants in the past as I have served as a board member/treasurer. Sharon assisted me with Donor Cultivation Strategy – Specifically My Pitch which included:
Organization Narrative
Program Descriptions
Case for Support
Elevator Pitch
Understanding my ASK
Not only am I MORE confident in MAKING THE ASK..
I’ve been SUCCESSFUL in extending my donor base!!!
Amber Anthony

Best firm in the business! If you need help getting set up the right way and learning how to become fully functional and financially prepared asap! This is the one stop shop
Winner Watts

The exceptional talent in the NonProfit Plug and the company’s dynamic partners ensure positive, successful results for clients!
Peg Elefant

Such great company and they care!
BBBallers Hoops

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